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Basheer, Rehab

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Original Article

Subject Areas

Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science, Physics and Astronomy


Fuzzy Set; fuzzy parameter set; interval-valued fuzzy; belief interval- valued fuzzy set; generalized belief interval-valued soft set; and decision-making


In this paper, we introduce the novel concept of generalized belief interval-valued soft set (briefly, GBIVSS) and examine their properties. Also, we define the nine types of operations (for example, subset, equal, union, intersection, restricted union, extended intersection, complement, soft max-AND, and soft min-OR) on the GBIVSS. The basic theoretical of the above nine operations are given. Based on the concept of GBIVSS, we construct an algorithm to solve the soft decision-making problem, and extended their applicability with help of illustrative examples. Finally, a comparative analysis study has been constructed and compared with the result of Bashir et al.’s approach.

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