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Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science, Physics and Astronomy


diabatic heating: heavy rainstorm; Red Sea Trough; generation of kinetic energy


This research aims to study and discuss the diabatic heating at the different isobaric levels during interaction between mid-latitude (southward extension of 500 hPa trough) and extra-tropical (northward extension of Sudan monsoon low) cyclones over Egypt and east Mediterranean during the period 3-6 November 2015. Also, relationship between diabatic heating and kinetic energy generation were illustrated. The cyclogenesis of this case is associated with maximum heavy rainfall over northern part of Egypt during growth stage (4-5 November). Throughout the life cycle of cyclone, the vertical advection term ((T/P)) is the significant term that plays an important role in diabatic heating calculation and opposite to adiabatic term (-(/Cp)). The largest contribution of the horizontal cold advection occurs during the pre-storm stage, while the largest warm advection occurs during the growth stage. Finally, it is found also that the area of diabatic cooling (heating) is synchronized with destruction (generation) of kinetic energy.

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