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A simple collective rotational model has been constructed to investigate the identical bands in odd-odd nucleus 194Tl and its neighbor odd-A nuclei 193Tl and 195Tl, to describe the ∆I = 1 staggering effect in signature partner pairs of odd-A superdeformed bands 193Tl (SD1, SD2) and 195Tl (SD1, SD2) and to describe also the ∆I = 2 staggering observed in 194Tl (SD3). The model parameters and the bandhead spin ware obtained by adopted best fit method. The systematic variation of the kinematic and dynamic moments of inertia are studied as a function of the rotational frequency, it is found that the blocking effect of the high-j intruder orbital plays an important role. To describe the ∆I = 1 staggering we extracted the differences between the average transitions I + 2 → I → I - 2 energies in one band and the transition I + 1 → I - 1 energies in its signature partner. To describe ∆I = 2 staggering we calculated the deviation of transition energies from a smooth reference representing the finite difference approximation to the fourth derivative of the transition energies. We noticed transition energies in the nucleus 193Tl is identical to their N + 1, N + 2 neighbors. Also the analysis done allows us to confirm ∆I = 1 staggering in signature partners of 193Tl, 195Tl and ∆I = 2 staggering in SD3 band in 194Tl by performing a staggering parameter analysis.

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