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Amide hydrolysis; Ion exchange catalysis; Hydrolysis of organic materials


The mechanism of the n-benzoyl benzamide hydrolysis was studied in hetero and homogenous 30%(V/V) 1, 4-dioxane–water mixture within the temperature range between 60oC and 100oC.The reaction mechanisms was carried using a batch reactor method limited technique. The variation of the rate constant was found 2nd –order type with temperature in presence of a bulk solution consists of 30%, 40% and 50% 1, 4-dioxane .The efficiency ratio of an acid resin and acid solution has been measured and compared at a number of temperatures. Specific solvent effects on the reaction rate and mechanism have been investigated. The equilibrium in 10% and 20% 1, 4-dioxane has no determined because that the-amide did not soluble in water solution .The equilibrium conversion of the benzoyl benzamide was found to increase with an increase of reaction temperature and with the catalytic loading. Energy of activation (Ea) and the thermodynamics parameters such as: ∆G*, ∆H* and ∆S* were calculated by applying the Arrhenius and van’s Hoff equation in the range of temperature mentioned before.

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